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Car Accidents, Birth Injuries, Elder Abuse, Other Injuries

When someone is hurt in a car accident, at the workplace, in a nursing home or because of another person’s negligence or wrongdoing, that person has a right to compensation from the person or company who caused the harm. This area of the law is known commonly as "personal injury.”

State law spells out the responsibilities of negligent individuals and entities to compensate injured people for their losses. A plaintiff's lawyer applies these laws to bring relief to those who have been harmed through others' negligence or abuse. As an established plaintiff's attorney, Mr. Bliss has represented clients injured in:

  • Traffic accidents, ATV and trucking accidents

  • Accidents on the job

  • Dog bite injuries, burn injuries, traumatic head injuries, spinal cord injuries and victims with broken bones

  • Victims of sexual abuse or assault

  • Babies harmed through preventable birth injuries and other instances of medical malpractice

  • Nursing home residents who have suffered injury, sexual abuse or death as a result of nursing home neglect

  • Elderly people or family members of elderly people who have experienced elder abuse through financial exploitation or scams


Mr. Bliss selects his cases carefully.  He will advise you as to what your options might be in your particular case. He will evaluate:

  • The nature of the injuries and losses: What will you need for costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation and lost wages amount to? For what non-economic losses might a jury agree to award compensation?

  • Factors of neglect and liability: Who or what caused your injuries? Can liability be proven to a jury? Who should be responsible to compensate the injured?

  • Applicable legal remedies: Is a case viable and likely to succeed?


After examining the facts, Mr. Bliss will determine whether or how to proceed with your personal injury case. If Mr. Bliss agrees to represent you, he will usually do so on a contingency fee basis.   You will not owe attorney's fees until and unless he obtains compensation for you.

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