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Drain Complaint  |  Easement  |  Right of Eminent Domain

There’s an old saying that whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over.  But it’s usually a lot more complicated than that.


For landowners, disputes can arise when an upstream landowner drains a slough or re-directs water from his fields and sends it downstream.  The water he’s draining doesn’t belong to the landowner – it belongs to the State of North Dakota.  The downstream landowner may not want that water.  Whether the upstream landowner can legally drain water from his land onto another’s land – and whether the downstream landowner must accept the water - are legal questions which may have to be answered in a court of law.


For residential homeowners, these same issues can arise but within the context of a new subdivision or outlying area near a city or town. North Dakota’s urban communities are growing rapidly.  Water issues can crop up in these areas as well.  Mr. Bliss represents both water resource districts and private clients with water issues. He’s handled water law appeals to the North Dakota Supreme Court.  Early in his career, David Bliss served as then-Congressman Byron L. Dorgan's principal legislative assistant for energy, water, and agricultural issues in Washington, D.C. 


If you have a water issue, please give us a call and we’ll discuss your options.

The Team at Bliss Law is uniquely positioned to assist you with water law related disputes.

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