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Wills  |  Power of Attorney for Healthcare  |  Financial Power of Attorney

There are some things in life for which we must prepare, and most of us don’t. It’s probably just human nature.


At some point most of us will need someone else’s help. We shouldn’t wait to select whom we wish to help us with our finances and with our health care if we ourselves can’t communicate our desires. We can help our own loved ones by having our affairs in order when the time comes.


A last will and testament, properly drafted and executed, can lay out what we want to have happen with our possessions when we die.  A power of attorney for health care will put in place whom we wish to handle our personal health decisions if we are no longer able to make them. Through a living will, we can set out what we want to take place should we find ourselves in a life-threatening situation.  We can name someone to help us with our financial affairs through a financial power of attorney if we can no longer take care of our own finances.


Whom do you name to handle these tasks? 

Whom should be an alternate if that first person isn’t able to help out? 

These are decisions that require some thought. It’s best to discuss these

issues with an attorney to decide how you can best protect yourself and your family.

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