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Recognize The Signs

  • Skin tears, bruising or scalding

  • Bed sore, broken bones or other injuries

  • Poor Hygiene or unsanitary living conditions

  • Dehydration & malnutrition

  • Sexual trauma

  • Loss of mobility

  • Psychological Issues or changes in behavior

Many nursing homes provide excellent care to their residents, but all too often, profit-making and expediency take priority over proper standards of care, safety and simple human decency. Untrained and underpaid employees are charged with the care of residents who are vulnerable due to the cognitive and physical impairments associated with old age or dependency. Those who reside in these facilities are oftentimes subjected to injuries or the indignities of sexual abuse. Claims for compensation may be filed when nursing home abuse or neglect was the cause of a personal injury or wrongful death.

According to the CDC, more than 500,000 older adults over the age of 60 are abused or neglected each year. These numbers likely reflect just a portion of the real problem, since many cases go unreported each year. 

A nursing home abuse claim or lawsuit will not turn back the clock and undo the damage. However, a favorable outcome can bring about some degree of fairness through:​


  • Financial resources to enable an injured person and, in some cases, his or her family to pay bills: hospital bills, increased care costs, funeral and burial costs

  • Compensation for intangible losses such as pain and suffering and loss of companionship

  • Impetus to change for a nursing home or care facility to improve and correct negligent processes and protocols

Pressure Sores | Malnutrition | Psychological and Physical Trauma

At Bliss Law, we bring deeply held convictions to our representation when a loved one

has been mistreated. We are strong advocates for victims of abuse and neglect and are 

conscientious  and committed to getting justice and will get answers so you have peace of mind.

Elder & Vulnerable Adult Abuse

Bliss Law Web Site (3).png

Abuse of elderly and those with disabilities is all too prevalent. Perpetrators include those we trust to protect and care for our loved ones including family members, spouses, family friends, professional caretakers and facilities specializing in elder care and other types of assistance. The abuse can take many forms - physical, sexual, emotional and financial. This abuse affects not only the victim, but also betrayed family members as well.

Because victims often have personal ties or are under direct care of the perpetrator, they are frequently hesitant to report these crimes out of fear of emotional or physical retaliation, a sense of obligation to protect a family member, or due to a lack mental or physical ability to communicate.

Penalties for individuals who victimize older adults may include:

  • The appointment of a guardian

  • A restraining order against the offender

  • Removal of an abusive or neglectful guardian

  • Provision of appropriate treatment

  • Criminal prosecution of the offender

Pressure Sores | Malnutrition | Psychological and Physical Trauma

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