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Contract Litigation, Sales and Leasing, and Farm Leases

If you own a company, perhaps a construction company or a service-related business, chances are you may face a contract dispute with a vendor or client, or perhaps a partnership or shareholder dispute.  Mr. Bliss has litigated shareholder and partnership actions as well as  construction disputes from the contractor’s side as well as the owner’s side.

On the homeowner side, Mr. Bliss has represented residential clients who have either sold a home or purchased a home, and have found themselves in need of legal advice to resolve a dispute as to the sale or purchase of the home.

Lease agreements between landowners or commercial property owners can also cause problems between and among parties.  Mr. Bliss has experience in drafting lease agreements and has also represented people in court when the parties cannot resolve the issue themselves.

Mr. Bliss represents clients in a wide range of contract matters which include:

  • Construction, remodeling, repair or installation contracts

  • Purchase and sale of cars, trucks, farm equipment and other items

  • Farm leases

  • Commercial leases

  • Corporate shareholder, partnership disputes

  • Employment contracts

  • Termination contracts

  • Oil and water rights leases

  • Wind farm property use leases

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