Your Injury Warrants Full And Fair Compensation

Under North Dakota law, when someone is hurt in a car accident, at the workplace or in a nursing home or due to another entity's negligence/wrongdoing, that person has a right to compensation from the person or company who caused the harm. This area of the law is known commonly as "personal injury," and the legal name for an injured person's claim is a "tort."

We can walk you through the process, gather/review thorough records of your injury and its consequences, and persuasively present this information when filing your claim or appealing a denied claim.

Other Practice Areas

We also handle contract disputes between and among parties. These contract disputes are often called "commercial litigation." Such disputes can arise from the sale or purchase of a home or business, a farm lease, or other contractual matters.

Finally, David Bliss is experienced in the area of water law in North Dakota. Bliss Law represents landowners in water disputes with other landowners or political subdivisions, as well as numerous water resource districts and municipalities in water-related matters.

Don't Delay. Speak With An Experienced Attorney.

If you have been injured at work or in a car or truck accident, time is of the essence. Every moment matters in gathering information about your claim and building a strong case for maximum compensation.

We can take action quickly. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you are not charged legal fees unless you receive a settlement.

At Bliss Law, we will talk with you about your claim and explain your legal options to you. Email us or call 701-516-8116.

Our contract litigation cases are usually taken on an hourly fee basis. Call for more information.