On-the-Job Injuries Often Go Beyond Workers' Compensation Claims

If you were injured on the job, you must report it to your employer promptly. In the case of a repetitive stress injury that develops over time, you should report it as soon as it is diagnosed. In the case of a sudden, traumatic injury on the job, your employer will no doubt be aware of the incident. You should insist on proper documentation as soon as possible.

Workers' Compensation Claims: Stage One for Injured Workers

Once you report the injury, your employer's human resources department may inform you that your remedy is to file a workers' compensation claim. Your employer or the workers' compensation insurer may tell you which doctors to see. You may or may not receive full, accurate information about all benefits for which you are eligible. A workers' compensation lawyer is a valuable ally.

A timely workers' compensation claim can help you receive medical treatment and wage loss benefits.

Third-Party Liability Claims: What They Mean and How to Pursue Them

In many workplace injury cases, there is more to the story than workers' compensation benefits. David Bliss helps injured clients recover compensation from all available sources, including negligent third parties. He will investigate possible third-party liability claims.

A detailed investigation into the facts may reveal that someone other than your employer shared responsibility for the injury. An equipment manufacturer, a subcontractor, a maintenance service company or a delivery company may have negligently caused or contributed to the accident. With evidence of third-party liability, a personal injury claim or product liability claim may help bring a settlement or verdict from a negligent third party.

For Best Post-Accident Outcomes, Pursue All Sources of Compensation for On-the-Job Injuries

With additional financial resources, life after a workplace injury becomes much more manageable. You may recover compensation for non-economic losses above and beyond payment of medical treatment or lost wage benefits. Additional funds can help pay for therapy, home remodeling and other extras that can make a great difference as you cope with long-lasting injuries and resulting disabilities.

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