Representation For Nursing Home Residents Experiencing Pressure Sores, Dehydration Or Malnutrition

If your elderly or disabled loved one has suffered harm while residing in a nursing home, rehabilitation facility or assisted living facility in North Dakota, you are wise to seek the advice of a lawyer with experience in this area.

Bliss Law Firm, is a valuable resource and ally for injured long-term care facilities and their family members. Bismarck attorney David Bliss is a seasoned civil litigator who advocates for vulnerable victims of nursing home negligence and abuse.

Contact Mr. Bliss if your loved one has suffered any of the following:

  • Pressure sores or bedsores: Experts agree that injuries of this type are nearly always avoidable with proper care and attention for those who are bedridden or otherwise dependent on others for personal cleanliness and mobility. A nursing home resident with mobility or incontinence issues should be closely monitored. Prevention of bedsores includes turning someone who cannot or does not turn himself or herself; changing protective undergarments frequently; and in some cases, application of appropriate personal care products. At the very earliest signs of any developing pressure sore, aggressive treatment can often bring about healing before the skin breaks. Negligence and neglect, on the other hand, often result in worsening bedsores and related complications such as infections like sepsis. An unexpected death may be a result of failure to diagnose, report, treat and prevent pressure sores.
  • Dehydration: Older people often lose their ability to realize their own thirst. Those with mobility challenges may lack the opportunity to find and drink liquids regularly. Those who can move around and serve themselves water or other drinks may forget to do so. Staff members should notice and work to prevent dehydration by monitoring water intake each day.
  • Malnutrition: It is not enough for nursing homes or other care facilities to serve meals to residents. Staff members should also check to ensure that residents have eaten enough food to maintain strength and health. Staff can do this by noticing how much food remains on their plates at the end of mealtimes. Nurses and others who weigh nursing home residents regularly should notice and report to doctors any unusual weight loss.

For help investigating and bringing an injury or wrongful death claim related to any of these common nursing home injuries, contact Bliss Law Firm through this website or by calling 701-516-8116.