Before Signing a Contract, or in Case of Breach of Contract, Contact an Experienced Attorney

Legal advice is always recommended for anyone preparing to enter into a significant contract. To protect one's best interests before entering into any major contract, it is advisable to have a lawyer review the terms, help negotiate modifications and resolve disputes that may arise after signing.

Breach of Contract

When something goes wrong, such as a breach of contract, a trial lawyer can bring about an effective resolution, often without resorting to a lawsuit. Firm, clear communications from a knowledgeable attorney is often the way to right the wrong when another party has reneged on a contract.

Varieties of Contracts

David Bliss represents North Dakotans in a wide range of contract law matters including:

  • Residential and commercial real estate purchases, sales and leasing
  • Construction, remodeling, repair or installation contracts
  • Purchase and sale of cars, trucks, farm equipment and other items
  • Purchase and sale of workplace equipment, tools, raw materials, finished goods and services
  • Business formation, mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment contracts
  • Termination contracts
  • Long-term care residential contracts
  • Oil and water rights leases; purchase and sale of mineral rights
  • Wind farm property use leases

Contact a Contract Law Attorney to Request a Consultation

David Bliss provides knowledgeable contract-related advice and assistance to individuals and businesses throughout North Dakota. David Bliss's background in water law, business law and other contractual law matters is valuable to clients with a wide range of needs and concerns involving contracts.

Schedule a consultation by calling 701-516-8116 or submitting an email inquiry through this website. From law offices in Bismarck, we represent clients throughout the region.